Gallery 2


Gallery 2: Interior Commercial Projects

Whether it's bringing a taste of Mexico to Tokyo, Japan or an Italian Garden to Las Vegas, Nevada, these wall murals transport you to another place as you walk through the door.

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Sunset in an Italian Garden

Sunset in an Italian Garden - Interior wall mural at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV Scale 10' x 35'

New York Personalities

New York Personalities - Interior wall Murals in the New York Stage Deli at Bally's Hotel and Casion, Las Vegas, NV

Faux Window View

Faux Window View - with faux wall treatments at the Sandbar Grill, Coconut Grove, Florida Scale: 6' x 8'

Cavorting Pirates

Cavorting Pirates - Detail of interior wall mural at Hernando's Hideaway Restaurant, San Diego, CA Scale: 8' x 30'

El Torito Restaurant, Tokyo

Mural for interior of El Torito Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan Scale: 6' x 20'

After the Fiesta

After the Fiesta - Interior of the Old Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego. Acrylics on wood panel. Scale: 4' x 5'

Kokomo's Bar and Grill

Detail of wall and ceiling murals that wrap around the interior of Kokomo's Bar and Grill, Hemet, CA

Riviera Hotel/Casino

Detail of interior wall murals at the Riviera Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Rockin' Baja Lobster Bar & Grill

Detail of interior wall mural at Rockin' Baja Lobster Bar & Grill. Several locations

El Tigre Supermarket

Ceiling mural at El Tigre Supermarket, Fallbrook, CA Scale: 15' x 290'


Charros Detail from interior wall mural at El Tigre Supermarket, Fallbrook, CA Scale: 5' x 25'

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